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08 June 2009 @ 04:18 pm
Prospects for the development of the Sino-Russian relations!  
Prospects for the development of the Sino-Russian relations.

Overseeing the posture and the dynamic of the development of the relations between Russia and China, I wish to point out the positive trend of cooperation between two Nations. The Sino-Russian relations are going through the best period in its history and it is defined by high dynamic of the development and active contacts on all levels. The interaction between The Russian Federation and The People’s Republic of China is global as well as regional character.
In the first, “The Treaty of Friendship, Neighbourliness and Cooperation” between the Russian Federation and The People’s Republic of China was formerly signed on July 16 of 2001 year, that’s one of examples of successful political cooperation between the Countries. The treaty is represented itself the policy document, that created the firm political and juridical base for the strong and stable development of the Sino-Russian relations in future. There was fixed the peaceful ideology of nations “Friends forever, enemies never” in the Treaty. It should be noted hereafter, that China became the first State, where The President Dmitriy Medvedev paid official visit after his inauguration. The Leaders of The Russian Federation and The People’s Republic of China met five times last year, and in the course of one of the meetings the Action Plan for realization of the provisions of “The Treaty of Friendship, Neighbourliness and Cooperation” for the period of 2009-2012 years was approved.
At the second, Russia and China will celebrate the 60-th anniversary from the date of establishment of bilateral relations. Our Country was the first State extended recognition to the People’s Republic of China. It happened at the second day of its existence on the October Second of 1949. The arrangements, associated with the celebration of the 60-th anniversary of establishment of the diplomatic relations, will give a new impetus to the development of the contacts between The Russian Federation and The People’s Republic of China.
Thirdly, 2008 year was commemorated with a final decision of border issue, when was eliminated the latest political obstacle on the way of the development of the Sino-Russian relations. The question is an Additional Protocol of the Orient part of the border, that was signed by the Heads of The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Both States on July 21 of 2008 year. There was held the ceremony of erecting of frontier markers in the presence of official delegation on the Orient part of the Sino-Russian border on October 14 of 2008 year. The completion of the process of boundary demarcation, that was going on over 40 years, has been made possible with the negotiations spirited with equality and mutual understanding. Border areas had been become forward post of confrontation once, have turned into the belt of neighbourliness and friendship. Now the joint boundary has been defined and legalized along the whole length. This has become a significant example, showing that Our Countries able to resolve any problems and even the most complicated ones.
The forth, it needs to point out the interaction of The People’s Republic of China and The Russian Federation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. By virtue of this interaction are made considerable contribution to the strengthening of peace, security, regional stability and joint development of the Countries – SCO’s Members. There were held joint military exercises, aimed mainly to counter threats of international terrorism, within the framework of this multilateral organization in 2005 and 2007 years, where Russia’s and China’s military forces played key role in frames of the exercises.
Fifthly, successful solution of a border issue had positive influence on the development of economic ties between Two Countries. There was given evidence of it at the end of last year, when trade turnover between Russia and China reached a new peak, more then $ 56 billion. According to the data of Ministry of Economic Development, The People’s Republic of China ranked 2-nd at the list of Russian Federation’ foreign economic partners, was inferior of Germany, it volume of trade peaked $ 63 billion Taking into account positive trend in the development of Sino-Russian economic relationships, the statement can be made, that trade turnover will have reached the level of $ 60-80 billion by the end of 2010 year.
Sixthly, Russia and China actively cooperate at military technical sphere. Nowadays China is the first market for Russian weaponry. According to the data of Stockholm Institute of Research of Problems of Peace, Russia’s factories have been supplying weaponry to the amount of $ 16,5 billion to China since 1992 year. As of today, China’s fraction of total export of Russia’s weaponry is 49 percent, but Beijing’s striving to increase up to 70 percent.
According to experts’ opinion, in the short term the main course of the development of military technical cooperation between two States would be no bulk purchasing of weaponry and military hardware by China, but obtaining of licenses and joint development of new patterns of weaponry and military hardware.
Seventhly, significant and advanced line of cooperation, playing essential role in the shaping of friendly relations between Russia’s and China’s people, is dedicated to the cultural ties, that are looked through as a dialogue between two civilization. With a view of popularization of culture, Two Countries consider the feasibility of creation of Cultural Center, arranging of arts festival. Art groups and companies from both Countries plan to hold tour in Russia as well, as in China. Cooperation between libraries and theaters of both Countries becomes active. Contacts and cooperation between young painters got a great incentive in 2006 and 2007 years. Paramount importance is dedicated to learning Russian and Chinese languages in the bilateral cooperation and sphere of culture. On the initiative of the Heads of Two Countries, The Year of Russian language is held to China in 2009, and The Year of Chinese – to Russia in 2010. This will provide further assistance to exchanges between two Countries in sphere of culture and strength public base of Sino-Russian friendship. According to public inquiries, special consideration deserves the fact that Chinese perceive Russia as the friendliest Nation, as well as Russians perceive China.
High potential of interaction between The Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China was confirmed with results of last year. Consequently, a forecast can be made, that in 2009 year, the Sino-Russian cooperation would be increased and strengthened in the future. Favorable conditions are now for this purpose. Both States, having established the bilateral relations of a new type, based on neighbourliness, friendship and cooperation, come up against power politics and for fair inference of international problems. The Russian Federation and The People’s Republic of China are the biggest neighbour States in the world, that interaction is one of the key elements of international relations system.
The positive vector of development of Sino-Russian relations is judicious selection with relation to Both Countries’ interests, that are included political and economic interests, national security and etc. All abovementioned main aspects show that development of the Sino-Russian relations meets the topical interests of people of two Countries. New opportunities are opened for The Russian Federation and The People’s Republic of China at the development of bilateral ties, based on partnership relations and mutual benefit.